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By Ahmad Muto
While Uganda was marking its 59th Independence Day on Saturday, October 9, singer Leila Kayondo was reminiscing about the life of her parents. According to her, they shared a birthday that happened to be Uganda’s Independence Day. She says to them it used to be like Christmas, but for the first time, it was one of tears.
Via her status, she shared photos with her parents with the caption: “9th October used to be one of the best days of my life. My papa and mama’s birthday. Yes! They shared a birthday. I cannot believe that all I can do now is cry. We used to celebrate it like Christmas, lots of food, fights over house work, cake, loud music. We would sing happy birthday to them and all they could do is smile shyly like two love birds. We love you. Keep resting in peace. And Happy Independence Day my Uganda!”
Leila Kayondo lost both her parents and a brother in 2020. Her father Yahya Kayondo died in March 2020, her mother Nnalongo Kayondo in December, following her brother Abdu Karim in July.

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