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By Ahmad Muto
Sketch artist, motion graphics designer and director, Loukman Ali has sought to broaden the appeal of his short film Sixteen Rounds by releasing a translated version. He sought the services of city Video Jockey VJ Ivo Kakorea to give it a Luganda vibe laced with humour that is hard to miss given his choice of words and storytelling ability. According to Loukman, the version is ‘for those in Nansana.’
Speaking to The Kampala Sun, he said it is an experiment that he wants to also do with one of his other short films before getting them on DVD. He uploaded the translated version on Monday, October 18.
“I uploaded it on YouTube and it has over 1,400 views now, but I think most of the people that are watching it are returning from the first one (clear copy) and are just curious to see what it looks like translated. YouTube is not really the market for translated movies because those that like them normally watch on DVD. I am just experimenting. I am thinking maybe after translating The Blind Date I will get some DVDs and see how that goes,” he said.
Sixteen Rounds is a short film about a couple that has for moral reasons become incompatible. Michael Wawuyo suffering from Post-traumatic disorder (PTSD) as a result of his time in the battlefields as a soldier is always ill-tempered. Meanwhile, his wife, played by Natasha Sinayobye has a side guy who owns a scooter. The side guy shows up when Wawuyo is out.
VJ Ivo tells the story like a bunch of men and women recollecting the most nerve wrecking extra-marital affairs in the village over a pot of malwa. At some point after a memory card disappears, Sinayobye cleans the blood stained room that her husband intended to use as evidence to pin her for murder. She then manages to sweet talk the Police into not checking the crime scene, the VJ says, well, she is a woman and a half. Wait for it, she removed sixteen bullets from her husband’s gun and when he attempted to shoot himself to avoid arrest, well, she had all the bullets and coolers were calling.

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