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By Alex Balimwikungu

Since splitting from TV personality Diana Nabatanzi, showy Masaka tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa has earned a reputation as a lothario after dating a string of pretty young things.

Just a few months after he swore his playboy days were over, Lwasa is in the news again.  Word on the grapevine is that he has dumped his latest consort, Angel Kwakunda, for a one Rita who lives in Entebbe.

In a recorded video doing rounds, Lwasa is seen engaged in a romantic conversation with the purported Rita. It is even revealed that she is carrying his unborn child.

For a man who is known to lap up attention as long as it involves his sexual conquests, Lwasa has flipped the script.  He has come out to vehemently deny any links with the said woman.

“I am not cheating on Angel,” he pronounced himself.

According to the tycoon, the lady seen in the video is not his girlfriend and they don’t know each other. Additionally, Lwasa claims that he has no interest in dating a woman of her caliber (she is a slay queen).

“That lady is not the type of girl I can date,” he said.

Meanwhile, Angel  has also opened up about the video, saying her husband was set up by his haters.

Furthermore, she warned the lady against imposing herself on Lwasa, saying she won’t succeed.

“She may even be imposing herself on him, but I won’t fight for a man. The man liked me, dated and visited my home, so he’s mine. Even if you ‘tie’ yourself on him, he’s mine,” she added.


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