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Lydia Jazmine explains why she has never revealed her boyfriend

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By Ahmad Muto
Singer Lydia Jazmine and boyfriend in the same sentence? Well, that is quite a puzzle, but at least, she has implied it is deliberate.
The Kapeesa singer has revealed that public figures tend to have fans gravitate towards them because of their real or assumed single status. She reasoned that being single in the eyes of the fans keep them expecting because it gives them hope and the moment that is broken, the love turns to hate.
She argued that the same thing happens to pastors whose churches get flocked to by women with the expectation of getting noticed, but the moment they introduce a partner, the numbers drop.
“I know of some male artistes that I have heard of that once they shared their woman, female fans disappeared. It is like how they talk about pastors. The day they unveil a woman, the church dries up. Women come to church hoping that maybe he will see them, but the moment he shows one, they cut him off,” she said.
However, she noted that there are those that support their favourite people regardless of their status and that those are the real fans. She also added that growing up she had hopes of hooking up some artistes, but stopped following them when they got into relationships or married.
“There are real fans who do not care if Lydia has a man or not. They just support. There are fans that love how I dress, my voice, my personality, but there are those that love my single status and have hope perhaps they will get me someday. It is stupid. Growing up, I also loved some artiste, but when they got married, I stopped following them,” she added.

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