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By Ahmad Muto

Singer Ykee Benda released his Kirabo album early this month and according to him, sold 500 digital copies in three days. The body of work has a re-do of veteran singer, Racheal Magoola’s classic, Obangaina that was released more than 20-years ago. He explained after releasing the album that he sought and got permission from Magoola to particularly re-do the song because it was his childhood favourite. 
Magoola has now opened up on the matter, saying she approved the idea of Benda redoing the song because he is young, talented and celebrated. After it was recorded, she was the first to listen as it was agreed and she also endorsed it. Magoola also opened up on a little detail, that she did not just give permission, but they signed an agreement in the presence of lawyers of both parties and she got her cut. 
“It warmed my heart seeing a young artiste wanting to do Obangaina. I told him to go do it and bring it back so I can approve if it should be aired or binned. He came with either his manager or lawyer, we listened and I said well done! SoI congratulate him for doing it well and in fluent Lusoga. I did not let him do it for free because music is a business,” said Magoola. 
Critics have since come out in droves in regards to Ykee Benda’s re-do. Some argued that the song is too big and so Benda failed to do it justice while some argued that he rushed; should have given it more time. They argued that he should withdraw both the audio and video.
Racheal Magoola is currently the woman member of parliament for Bugweri District.

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