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Mbarara revellers demand for Vinka at Neon Rave party

by Editorial Team
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By Reagan Ssempijja

Labour Day fun came early for the people of Mbarara city,  as dancehall sensation Vinka took the Tusker Lite Neon rave to them with oomph.

The party,  lit up with neon green,  kicked off earlier than normal,  with hype from local DJs Hozeah and Talit.

As enthralled revellers thronged the venue – Heaty Events,  these energetic DJs,  who had their craft mastered on their finger tips – kept the party enlivened, leading up to the headliner’s performance. 

The DJs were not the only ones tasked with keeping partygoers entertained,  but home-based artistes too.

The list of these had musicians like Rob Rose,  Niwe Ben and Uzi Malcon.

By 9:00pm,  the first artist,  Niwe Ben,  had already taken to stage,  to which he was welcomed with energy from the audience.

The bond between upcountry fans and their home-based musicians is such an unbreakable one. 

The party went on and on until the unbearable urge to see Vinka on stage became more apparent among the fans.

“Give us Vinka,” an impatient group of fans demanded.

Well, where there is demand,  supply will always be availed.

A few minutes after 11:00pm,  Vinka stepped on stage in pomp and colour.

She looked like the star everyone was nail-bitingly waiting for.

Clad in a floral short dress,  she wasted no time by diving straight into some of her hit songs that had the crowd screaming their voices horse. 

By the time Vinka performed latest hit songs Thank God and Fimbo,  some fans were too tired to even nod their heads.

Vinka is such an electric performer,  and that is exactly who her fans got that night. 

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