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MC Kats blames Geosteady’s baby mama for Fille’s woes

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto
Media personality and city events emcee Edwin Katamba, alias MC Kats, has attacked singer Geosteady’s baby mama and ex-girlfriend Prima Kardashi. He has blamed her for Fille’s come back woes that seem to have hit a dead end. Kats said he personally got Fille the deal with Maritini entertainment that she signed over three months ago after securing for the collaboration Sawa yona with Babarita. According to him, he convinced the management to sign her because they were not getting along.
However, he adds that it was just the time Prima got her to Munyonyo where they sat around a table and started discussing him. He said Prima even attended his daughter with Fille, Abigail’s second birthday.
It is worth noting that that very round table conversation between Fille, Prima and Babarita led to Geosteady’s outburst, where he referred to Prima’s boyfriend, Mr. Henrie as a broke houseboy with nothing to offer except love. Prima had said that Geosteady does not send child support for their two children and she was taking care of them on her own without asking him.

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