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By Ranell Dickson Nsereko

No Bra Day is always celebrated each year on 13th  October and is said to have been introduced to promote breast cancer awareness by a plastic surgeon Dr Mitchell Brown of Toronto, Canada.On this day girls and women are encouraged to go bra-less in order to alert them to breast symptoms, reminding them to always get screened and always go for regular self-examinations.

Some girls and women decide to go bra-less due to discomfort, health-related issues, most complain about the high cost. Some say they always go bra-less because of the discomfort the garment brings. Today’s we bring you a list of Ugandan female divas that always free the nipple and proud even when its not 13th October.

Prima Asiimwe

The female sensational radio presenter who is a former miss Uganda contestant wife to celebrated city comedian Alex Muhangi is one you can never tell advantages of wearing a bra and she gives you a damn ear. On so many occasions if not most of them, her pictures are taken with the focus being on her military alert nipples  Prima loves her fine body free and attractive reason she deleted bra suppliers’ numbers from her contact list.

Zahara Totto has severally gone on set without a bra on. (Photo: Instagram)

Zahara Toto

The female radio presenter and gossip queen can never let this list fly out, minus her name being attached to it. Being a no bra day, looks like this is one of her most celebrated days on the world calenedar.Zahara loves leaving her boobies free and swinging in her top tier skimpy outfits. When look at her posts on social media, no doubt this day has to be celebrated and hosted by her.

Sheebah Karungi

Team no sleep singer has for so long proved a point when it comes to flying out of her mansion in Munyonyo bra-less. For so long she has pushed the no bra situation to most ladies and girls. Earlier this year, she posted on her social media “Don’t Expect What You Can’t Give Or Simply Give What You Expect,” statement that hadn’t pulled so much attention until she accompanied it with another of  “#AndOh…FreeTheNippleBaby.Sheebah too for would be one of the top hosts of this day if there was a huge event that needed to pull crowds and gatherings for celebrations.


Cinderella Sanyu aka Mrs Prynce is one no one can ever doubt when it comes to wearing no bra. If you are a huge fan or follower of the female king, you definitely have to have it in the know that there is little or not many bras in her closet. She loves her skimpy lifestyle and sexy body all out feeling at ease and breathing in and out.

Karole Kasita

Karole is on top of her game when it comes to delivering music and good performances’ and if it wasn’t for the lock down and covid 19, she would be one of our top best musicians in the pearl now. Like her other fellows, Karole loves freeing the nipple on most days. Her dress code and lifestyle prove it all, we can just assume there are a few bras in her closet that come out one in a while but not every time of the day. If no bra day was a political party, kasita would be a spokes person because her too, the nipple has to be freed.

Judith Heard

This is our current miss elite representing Uganda to the outside world. Judith is also a top and billboard model as well for those that need a reminder, she is a darling Nalongo. But that doesn’t stop her from freeing her nipple most of the time, she not the kind of stella Nyanzi type, this one has a bit of digital and model training. When she dresses her top outfits, from a distance you will just notice that no bra day is worth a celebration and Judith would table a motion in parliament in anyone tried to stop it.

Judith Heard has confessed that some times bras make her uncomfortable


Anitah Fabiola has been low key lost from the social scene trying to venture into other businesses besides media and slaying. When it comes to fashion, Fabiola’s name can never be skipped because of what she delivers. However, on this world no bra day, she is on person that would never miss on such celebrations of the day because of her she dresses even on a day that’s not 13th October, her outfits on so many occasions tell it all, everyday can be no bra day to her without any case of offense.

Robin Kisti

The former television personality was one person who we guess had forgotten how to wear bra. she needed to gift it to a fellow. Her dress code on events and sometimes television shows could clearly tell if the day wasn’t in existance,she would think a date of no bra day and table a motion too. Kisti even after mothering three children, she loves the nipple free and in rotation. For a long time to her, it was a no bra no case day every day.

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