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By Ahmad Muto

Media personality, Henry Arinitwe alias, Mr. Henrie is yet to move on from responding to singer Geoasteady’s social media tirade from more than a week ago. The I swear singer said Henrie has nothing else to offer besides love while some sections said he is Prima’s houseboy. Prima is Geosteady ex and baby mama of two.
Now Mr. Henrie has apologised to the singer after it was brought to his attention that their TikTok escapades could be the reason for the singer’s discomfort. 
“If it is my TikTok videos with Prima that annoyed him, I apologise. If I want to say person A & B, I can. But if it irritated him I apologise,” he said.
He also disowned tweets coming from accounts attributed to him, engaging and responding to Geosteady’s tirades. He said he is better than responding. 
According to him, he is also working hard for Soraya and Solange (Geosteady’s children) and for his to have a bright future because it is impossible to love Prima without the children.
Henrie also noted that they used to be friends. He said he supports him and was one of the people who first listened to his last album.

“What you do not understand is that me and Geosteady used to be friends or are actually friends. Maybe it could have been personal for him which is understandable. I was one of the first people to listen to his Love letters album from the first song to last song,” he explained. 
Prima and Geosteady broke up late last year after a very public fight. She shortly started sharing photos traveling and discovering Uganda with the radio presenter before confirming the relationship months ago.

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