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By Ahmad Muto
Rapper Crysto Panda has responded to fellow rapper Mun*G’s claim that he is just a television presenter and not one of them. The statement left Panda with a bad taste and an overload of emotions. He said Mun*G is one artiste he respects given the time he has been around and also for the fact that he gave him an opportunity, the reason he always thanks him in his media interviews. 
On the part of the claim that he is not an artiste, he noted that Mungi joined him on the song Kampala tacoma so saying he is not a rapper is akin to putting a bullet in his own foot
“He jumped on my song Kampala tacoma and is now saying I am not an artiste? If he worked with someone who is not an artiste, it means he is not one himself. I even play his songs on the show and ask the DJ to line it up sometimes when it is not on the playlist,” said Panda. 
He also added that his music is being noticed as far as South Africa. He also got his first endorsement deal as an artiste and not a television presenter. 
“I give Mun*G respect and he deserves it. I came from the village listening to him. He is a legend. If my music is being recognised in South Africa then I do not get it. After 10 years, he should not under look (sic) upcoming artistes. I signed an endorsement as a brand ambassador of a big brand, something I never got as a TV presenter. The fans know who is on and who is looking for comeback,” he ranted. 
According to Panda, it is such acts that have kept Uganda way behind Nigeria because singer and producer Don Jazzy would call Wizkid and advice him instead of going to the media.

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