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Musician Maurice Kirya proposes SOPs for concerts

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By Paul Waiswa

Ugandan solo musician Maurice Kirya has wondered why President Museveni in his last address to the nation on Covid-19, increased the number of people attending social functions to 200 but kept music shows shut.

According to Kirya, as recently seen, big numbers can go to weddings, schools, gyms, places of worship, markets, and so on, yet the artists remain blocked.

In his recent tweet, Kirya sarcastically proposed that if weddings are now being allowed to happen, socialites can stage fake weddings on Saturdays such that artists can use that opportunity to perform and charge revelers.

In his own opinion, the ‘musubaawa’ hitmaker advocated for a range of guidelines arguing that if his food of thought is welcomed, we shall have concerts and music events freed and among them include.

  • Set a maximum number of attendees per space as an SOP regulation.
  • Attendees must be fully vaccinated or present a recent covid negative result.
  • Bookings must be made through online portals, allowing easy traceability in case of an outbreak and a need to control it. (Citizens info & privacy must be maintained)
  • Reduce the ticket tax on artists to allow them to recover or waiver a whole year
  • Shows could be done an hour before curfew time.
  • No kissing without a mask on, unless you have negative results 9
  • Police can reduce the number of security personnel at the events because this would affect the numbers required in the space. I do believe every artist would be willing to abide by these regulations, they sound simple and just, at least to me as an artist.

However, it is remembered that during his last address, President Museveni revealed that concerts are bound to open come early next year after hitting their target of vaccinating 4.5 million people, which is the reason why.

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