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By Ahmad Muto
According to singer Angella Katatumba, her mother, Gertrude Katatumba advised her against the idea of rushing into motherhood because the world already has enough single mothers and therefore, she should not become a statistic. 
Angella said she encouraged her to take as much time as she wants because unstable relationships and marriages of convenience created the many single mothers out there. 
“She told me in her own words ‘not to rush into motherhood.’ That I should take my time and know that the majority of relationships and marriages fail. It is not easy, the reason there are many single mothers and I should not become one,” she said. 
Angella reasoned that society is forcing people into having children, but not doing enough to let people know that it is a gamble. How? She said: “By the way, even having kids is a gamble. They can end up as drug dealers. Are you sure they are going to end up the president of Uganda and not the drugs dealer of Kawempe? Some people think it is automatic your legacy is safe,” she said. 
She added: “I do not want to rush in because of traditional pressure and end up a single mother. I will have children when I am ready and want. Marriage is not copy and paste because the whole village of Nsambya did it, so everyone should do it.”
Angella Katatumba is currently working with Black Market Records as a singer and manages her family’s Hotel Diplomat, Muyenga. 

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