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By Ahmad Muto
Singer Tracy Kirabo, alias Pia Pounds, has downplayed the role of MC Africa in turning her Twende Tupaate song into a hit. According to her, the song was fast growing on people and it was just a matter of time before it became a huge party anthem. She says it grew every week from the day she released it, but people were not paying attention and it was not being included on local music charts until it hit number on Apple Music in Uganda.
“As much as the song was not as huge as we expected it to be, we knew it would take time. Because everyone who would listen to it would like it immediately. There would be many people vibing to it,” she said. 
Her faith was on the song’s social media challenge that she claims was a success, going by the number of videos she received from her fans, and MC Africa’s was just one of them. 
“The challenges I have of the song are like gazillion. For a particular challenge to have the power to go viral, it was just a God given gift. MC Africa’s was one of the videos. I got it, posted it and here we are,” she explained. 
Twende Tupaate remix was released last week featuring Eddy Kenzo and MC Africa. However, not many remixes have divided public opinion like this one.

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