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By Ahmad Muto

Last week, singer Nina Roz came out to accuse Black Market Records (BMR) that she signed to in 2020 of taking down her YouTube channel. On Monday, her manager, King reported that she had left the country for Kigali, Rwanda to protect her mental health. 
She came out two weeks after her collaboration with singer Bruno K, Nipe Love was reported by BMR management to YouTube that took it down. 
However, the management put out a press release on Wednesday, September 1, 2021, denying Nina’s claims that they took down her YouTube channel with all her songs. This was after she left the record label, allegedly after her one year contract ended. 
The statement says Nina had a five-year contract with them signed in August 2020. They also add that she retained full control over her YouTube channel and sought permission from her to promote it or upload content because it is an obligation to their client. They accused her of hiding it when they requested to upload her song Ontekako. 
“The said YouTube channel still belongs to Nina Roz as she has full control and access logins for the channel and we only contact her for access whenever we want to upload content or promote it,” says the press release.
“Recently, however, we wanted to upload a new song, Ontekako, that we had just released and she denied us access to the YouTube channel for a reason best known to herself. We did, however, succeed to upload the song on VEVO channel which is an independent music channel that later pushed the same song to Nina Roz’s YouTube channel that she immediately manipulated by hiding the channel after realising that the song had been uploaded,” they explain. Before leaving for Kigali, Nina told her fans not to subscribe to any YouTube channel attributed to her because she had plans of taking legal action to get back her channel. Bruno K vowed to help her get the necessary legal support to get back her channel from BMR.

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