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By Joan Murungi

Last week, a new musicians’ body entitled the Uganda Musician Federation (UMF) was unveiled.

Under this federation, Chameleon was elected as it’s president. During its revelation, the Valu Valu singer went ahead and told the media that UMF’s aim is to bring top Ugandan musician super stars together under one voice.

It is revealed that many of the established artistes never felt represented under the popularly known Uganda Musician Association (UMA).

However, some artistes including the likes of singer Nina Roz, Cindy and Kato Lubwama never welcomed the ideas of the newly established body.

“It is wrong for them to call themselves superstars. It is the fan to tell that so and so is a superstar,” Nina Roz revealed.

Kato Lubwama went ahead and termed UMF fake. To him, UMA is the only musicians’ body on the right truck. He believes it has the ability to represent a number of artistes.

It should be noted that the new musicians’ body (UMF) is a break away from the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) currently headed by Cinderella Sanyu as the President.

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