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No enjoyment: Kenzo pelted with stones at Makerere Fresher’s ball

by Editorial Team
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By Kampala Sun writer 

Self-made singer Eddy Kenzo has often argued that success doesn’t come with education.

The singer who has defied the odds to become one of the biggest musicians on the land, albeit with a chequered education past, rudely learnt that it pays to be part of an alumnus.

Kenzo who turned up on Friday evening to perform at the Fresher’s Ball at the Freedom Square was chased off stage like a petty thief who had emerged from the nearby Kikoni slum to help- himself with a few valuables in the halls of residence.

According to sources, when Kenzo hit the stage, he sounded dismissive, telling off media and security in attendance for being a pain to the entertainment industry.  He was then heckled and in a fit of rage, dared any student to challenge him to a fist fight on stage. He was then  booed as he performed his ‘Weekend’ song. He then muttered a few words in English before hell broke loose. Bottles flew in from all corners..

It is reported that a Guinness bottle aimed at Kenzo instead hit Fic Love, a member of his team, in the head. It took teargas and muscle power to evacuate Kenzo off the stage.  There were scores of injured students.

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