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By Hussein Kiganda
Records labels play a mother’s role to artistes.  Managers too play a pivotal role in the careers of most artists since they are the ones who know the industry better. They have connections, have the financial power and have the commanding voice in the industry.
Jeff Kiwanuka commonly known as Jeff Kiwa is undoubtedly the best artist manager in Uganda following his successful career in the industry. He is the guy who will lift you from a nobody to a somebody. If he decides to push you up it is pretty much a foregone conclusion.  He knows almost all the DJs in town, has connections with most media stations and knows the best stunts for his artists. On top of it all, he has got the dime.
He is the guy who enters any bar or club and the DJ automatically plays the music of his record label. He is the guy who  pushed Jose Chameleon, Radio and Weasel. When he toughed Sheebah, she was hoisted from the  Ice cream girl to an international star. The likes of Pallaso, Chozen Blood, the late AK47, Diamond Oscar, Kabako, Topic Kasente attest to his Midas touch.
However, when things go wrong with him, trust me, they indeed go wrong never to be right. It takes only a strong heart to survive from being dumped or sacking such a manager. Managers are the ones who do that donkey work that an artists never understand and people who have left their record labels and managements do not stay on top unless they get a better manager. Take a look at Irene Ntale after Swangz, Zizza Bafana after manager Roja, Chozen Becky after Kamenyo, Fresh Kid after manger Francis, Harmonize after Wasafi and many others. Its only Fik Fameica that is trying it after Karma Ivan.
Following the speculation that Sheebah has left Jeff Kiwa’s Team No Sleep(TNS), we analyze what she may go through after Jeff.
Failure to promote her music.
Some people think it is easy to promote a song, but ask a person like Cindy, she will tell you the hustles she went through to build up a strong fan base that started promoting her without pay. Sheebah is not used to that donkey work. Her work was to go to studio and sing, be available on the video shoots, do as instructed and then go to wherever she is sent to perform. Promotion strategies are not her things. Anyway, she seems to have hustled enough to win her acceptance from Jeff, let’s hope she uses the same strategy. Compare Pallaso when he was still in TNS and when he left. He found too much hardship in promotion. He would sing his songs and listen to them by himself on his pillow. If it hadn’t been the fact that he has brothers who made it already and know the industry, he would be just like Jamal, loitering around bars in search for gigs. To ask the real meaning of promotion, ask Chozen Blood after Jeff. Let’s hope Sheebaholics will help this queen.
Reduction in Payment.
Jeff is the guy who knows what money means and his bargaining power is said to be best in the industry. You remember how much Goodlife could go for when they were with Jeff and when they became independent. Under Jeff’s management, not every Tom, Dick and Hurry could afford the duo but when they parted ways, even the poorest promoter in Kyagwe could afford them. The same thing with Chozen Blood now. Therefore, her value in terms of payment for shows may lower abit, though at first it will not come to her mind that things are changing. The advantage with this is that you accumulate money from all levels and make it big like how Goodlife’s did after settling down. This did not work out for people like Diamond Oscar.
Jeff Kiwa poses with Sheebah Karungi in an earlier picture (photo: file)
Change in music quality
In this, we mean the producers you use to record your songs, the lyrics, print of the video and the set design in the song. All these depend on someone’s pocket. We all know writing songs for herself are not her things and she is now used to recording her songs with the best and most expensive producers and shooting her videos with the best videographers. However, on her own, she will need to apply Arsene Wenger’s economic tactics in her music career. Compare Chozen Blood’s Videos and music with Jeff and after Jeff, you will know what this means. Compare Goodlife’s music with Jeff and shortly after him.
Loss of her Stage Name
If you remember what happened to B2C after Andy Events, you will understand what this means. Their name was said to have been owned by Andy events and eventually after a long run, the boys were forced to change name to Kampala Boys. You remember how Radio and Weasel struggled to retain Goodlife as their label name after Jeff? Some sources say that Sheebah is a registered property of TNS and if she is to leave, she may be forced to change her stage name.
” you see, the name Sheebah is said to be registered under TNS and Sheebah will have to change her stage name if she leaves TNS and another new singer may take it on. However, I am sure everyone saw Sheebah use her name first before she joined TNS, that may be the only defence, but things will not be easy for her…,” the source said.
Years back, Jeff battled with Radio and Weasel over the name Goodlife and with the late Radio’s persistence and boldness, they retained the label’s name and forced Jeff to form a new label name called Team No Sleep(TNS)
Sheebah Karungi and Jeff Kiwa have kept a private and professional relationship. They are set to split
Loss Of All The Music She Sang With TNS
The drama of loosing music towards a label is intensifying these days. You heard how Harmonize was told not to sing or perform all the songs he sang while in Wasafi? This may happen to Sheebah too if she really left Jeff. If this happens, which songs will she perform then in this audience full of demand and criticism? Let’s pray it does not happen to her, otherwise, she will be a laughing stalk for all Cindycattes. We hope she records as many songs as possible as soon as she leaves Jeff.
Loss Of Property
With all the achievements she has gathered under TNS, the biggest she shows off is her mega mansion in Munyonyo which makes Cindy Scratch her head night and day. In the rumours, it is heard that the biggest percentage of it belongs to Jeff Kiwa and she has no documents to prove her ownership of the mansion. In some recent online news, it is said that the beef between her and Jeff is intensifying because of the house which Jeff claims is his and Sheebah too claims is hers. Just like Jeff battled against Goodlife’s for their mansion in Neverland, Kizungu, this may happen again because we do not expect Jeff to accept two defeats on the same frontline. If it had not been the stubbornness of Mowzey Radio, their mansion would have gone already. If this happens and Sheebah does not have the documents, she will no longer have a house of that kind. Even some of her cars may have been bought in Jeff’s name, so things will not be sweet on her side. We pray this does not happen because the Cindycattes will bring back the slogan,” omwavu wakugobwa”. Well, it is said by some sources that the swag mama is secretly building another mansion in Wakiso that is far better than that in Munyonyo. An insider talked to us and said that even if she looses the house in Munyonyo, she is building another in Wakiso.
“Yes, I don’t think Sheebah has the documents of that house. Jeff may take it. Naye, even if he takes it, our swagmama is building another in Wakiso and it is better than this…,” the insider revealed.
The brilliant manager held and brought to the limelight the likes of Jose Chameleon, Radio and Weasel, Chozen Blood, Pallaso, AK47 and many more that didn’t make it to the limelight as expected.
All these made it to the limelight but after some time, they picked grudges with him and left his camp. When he left Chameleon, there was a visible change in music and promotion. This was the time when Bebecool and Bobi Wine took on the industry with their beef and overshadowed him. Even though he stayed on, it was not as it had been with him. Hadn’t it been Chameleon’s champion-vested heart, he would have lagged behind till now like Red Banton and Ziggy Dee. Jeff keeps beef, imagine, if it hadn’t been a pic that Jose took with him a few weeks ago and the recognition he poured onto him, it wouldn’t have ended.
Radio and weasel’s departure from Jeff was acrimonious.  It involved insults from some sides and even reached legal hands as the two sides dusted each other. Radio and Weasel claimed Jeff was not paying them as expected and Jeff claimed they had bleached the contract. After the departure, the duo struggled to set their own pace again as gigs reduced and promotion reduced too. When they found their feet, they took off into the broad limelight like a rocket.
For Pallaso, it was because of the death of his late brother AK47 which he said Jeff and Nalongo Maggie had questions to answer. All his suspicions led to his exit from TNS and as was expected, the lad’s career was never that of the previous, “go down low” singer. His music came to a standstill. He could sing but was not heard. Tried this and that but things turned out in the wrong way. Even now, he changes managements like a desperate Buffalo struggling to stand up amidst a pride of Lions. He and Zizza Bafana are in the same league.
For AK47, it was straight death, we can’t say he left and neither can we say he remained in TNS. That’s an unexplained case. Jumping to Chozen Blood, he claimed his music was not being given focus as that of Sheebah. On this case, he seemed to be right. Jeff seems to be the type of manager who hypes one favourite artist and leaves the rest under blankets. Look the kinds of Topic Kasente. Since his “Bigooli”, he has never hit again like he did. You will only see him when his name comes up on teens shows and in some bars.
Who does not know Jeff’s promotional strategies? He is the kind of person who has learnt the industry for about 20 years. He knows how to push a singer using stunts just like he used to push Chameleon and Goodlife. You would hear that Jose has fought with so and so and they have got injured here and there. Then after that, you would hear, there is a show to clarify it. The way we could hear Radio and Weasel in several fights and beefs with Bebe Cool and other artists and afterwards, a show for the beef. In this case, many are still hoping that their beef is just a stunt trying to overshadow Cindy’s concert. Mako Colline, a presenter on an online TV thinks it is Jeff’s stunt.
” I do not think there is beef between the two. These guys are trying to silence Cindy’s show. Sheebah can not leave Jeff because she knows she will lose everything she has. They are trying to copy manager Roja who managed to push Spice Diana’s music using stunts. You wait, you will see how these guys will be like after the whole of this, they will arrange for a concert…,” the presenter said.
The Kampala Sun contacted both Sheebah and Jeff on all that but they all said they could not talk to the media at the moment. Jeff said he wants to be paid if at all he is to talk to us.
“I don’t want to talk about that. I am not into any interview at the moment…,” Sheebah said.
“Will you pay me? You have to pay me for the interview and the information…,” Jeff said as we pleaded for his comment.


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