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By Alex Balimwikungu 

It is one year since Pastor Augustine Yiga alias ‘Abizaayo’ died from liver complications. He earned the name Abizaayo because of his claims that he had powers to send back evil spirits or witchcraft from wherever it originated. Pastor Yiga founded the Kawaala-based Revival Church and his humorous preaching style was his forte.

Several people The Kampala Sun spoke to on the anniversary of his death, reveal that they miss his fun-filled preaching sessions, which were laden with humour and drama. They point out to his popular show Kiki Kyoliffa Nga Tewelabidde, loosely translated as what you will not forget till death. The show would air on his ABS TV each day of the week. On the show, congregants would share bizarre occurrences in their life as the pastor probed them and rather than empathise with them, he would break out into loud cacophonic laughter!

According to his congregants, Yiga’s preaching style was enjoyable and albeit his ‘little’ education, he preached in a way that ensured they grasped the message. It is a style his son and heir, Pastor Andrew Jjengo, is yet to master.

“He (Pastor Jjengo) is a mirror image of his late dad, but he is far off the pace in as far as preaching like his dad is concerned,” they told The Kampala Sun.

They say Pastor Jjengo is very guarded and secretive unlike Pastor Yiga.  He (pastor Yiga) was a ladies’ man, while his handsome son spends time denying affairs with nubile ladies.

The 24-year-old pastor who inherited his father’s empire has spent most time thwarting off female advances than preaching on the pulpit at Revival Church. Recently, Camila Noorjan, an employee at ABS TV, sent the rumor mill swirling when she posted pictures of her and the handsome pastor gazing lovingly in each other’s eyes. The pastor said it was the work of Photoshop. Then, fake news was all over about how Urban TV’s Tumbiza Wish List presenter (Xenhyle Lynette) was pregnant by Pastor Jjengo.

He got some female hearts racing when on a TV show, he detailed his ideal woman

“I will marry a woman who is God-fearing. Even if she is a Muslim or Christian, I will marry that one as long as she is God-fearing. As for the other attributes, we shall sort ourselves along the way,” he said.

Jjengo further revealed that he had no qualms buying his future wife a bra of sh5m following news that Pastor Aloysius Bugingo of House of Prayer Ministries International had bought his consort, Suzan Makula, a bra of sh2m.  It was mere rhetoric. Jjengo’s father would certainly not be happy that his heir is giving the family a bad name in as far as female conquests are concerned.

Pastor Yiga was unapologetic about his pursuit for women. His confrontational style saw him have a brush with the law on several occasions. Prior to his hospitalisation and death, he had been in and out of jail. He was arrested for uttering false information and spreading harmful propaganda regarding the spread of COVID-19.


Pastor Yiga (second-left) being driven off to Luzira Prisons after being arraigned before Nateete Magistrates’ Court in Mengo in Kampala on March 30, 2020. Photo by Douglas Mubiru
Revival Church members demanding for the release of Pastor Yiga from police custody in 2019
Yiga and Nabbi Omukazi
Jjengo crying at a service organised for his late dad last year

On his popular show Kiki Kyoliffa Nga Tewelabidde, congregants would share bizarre occurrences in their life as the pastor probed them and rather than empathise with them, he would break out into loud cacophonic laughter!

In February 2019, Yiga was arrested by the Police in Kawempe on allegations of making a female worshipper in his church pregnant. His arrest didn’t go down well with his followers who staged a protest at Kawempe Police Station, dismissing the accusations against the pastor, who was picked up shortly after his return from South Africa. He was released after he accepted to take a DNA test to establish the paternity of the child in question.

In September 2014, a woman dragged Yiga to Nabweru Magistrate’s court over an affair that led to a pregnancy after she went to his church for counselling. He later committed himself to look after the child and provide a monthly stipend of sh150,000

Yiga, who was once a Kadongo Kamu singer, used his music skills to prop up several music artistes, including Maggie Kayima alias Nabbi Omukazi, Hassan Ndugwa and Benah Namisinga.  At the time of his death, Pastor Yiga was working on a music project with singer Angella Katatumba.  He wrote for her a song titled, This Boy.







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