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By Joan Murungi

Following the untimely death of his father, Pastor Augustine Yiga in October 2020, Pastor Andrew Jjengo, his heir, was thrust to the deep end. The 24-year old pastor who inherited his father’s empire has spent most time thwarting off female advances than preaching on the pulpit at Revival Church.

Recently, Camila Noorjan an employee at ABS TV sent the rumor mill swirling when she posted pictures of her and the handsome pastor gazing lovingly in each other’s eyes. The pastor said it was the work of Photoshop

Yesterday, news was all over about how Urban TV’s Tumbiza Wish list presenter (Xenhyle Lynette) is pregnant for Andrew Jengo.

It’s said that Lynatte confessed about how she is three months pregnant for Pastor Andrew Jjengo.
This is something Jengo laughed about while speaking to the Kampala Sun.

Pastor Andrew Jjengo has denied any romantic involvement with a TV girl (Photo: file)

He rubbished the news. “That is not true all at, “Jjengo revealed.
Jengo once told the Kampala Sun that he actually is dating although his girlfriend isn’t the type that loves the limelight. Meanwhile, Lynette also revealed about how she was single and searching months ago.
Many people have warned Pastor Jengo to be careful with hungry old women in his church who are targeting his money.

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