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By Alex Balimwikungu

Rubaga Miracle Center Cathedral’s, Pastor Robert Kyanja has yet again weighed in on the Pastor Bugingo, Suzan Makula affair.

He has implored the public to put Pastor Aloysius Bugingo in prayers following his recent traditional marriage.   He reckons that what he (Bugingo) did was not right for the Christian faith and maybe concerted prayers will see him do the right thing.

Pastor Kayanja also pleaded with his followers to pray for Teddy Naluswa Bugingo and her children.  “They need your prayers. I am however disappointed in Church leaders who don’t practice what they preach. We should stick to the right path and according to what the bible teachings say” he said on local TV.

Pastor Kayanja and his nemesis, Pr. Bugingo have over the years had a fractious relationship with the latter claiming that Pr. Kayanja sole purpose is to crumble his ministry.

This comes after Pastor Bugingo was a no show at police where he had been summoned.  He (Pastor Bugingo) wrote to police asking for more time.

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