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By Ahmad Muto
According to pastor Martin Ssempa, when this whole Omulangira Suuna versus media personalities dust settles, there is one other area he thinks needs to be fixed. He suggested that the ‘media landscape’ needs to start with those sporting dreads among other hair styles men wear.
“We need to fix our media landscape. All these young people sporting hair like dreads and these other hair styles men wear should be cut off. I am going to write to Uganda Communications Commission protesting these hairstyles requesting them to consider having male media personalities cut them off,” he said.
He reasons that men with dreads and those other hairstyles make all men lose respect.
It should also be noted that this year in April, he responded to a tweet by the South Sudanese Football Association thanking supporters of their female team for bearing with them during their international break. He replied saying girls should not play football because it makes them lose their femininity. “Why do girls who lose their femininity? Some of these girls look like men! They need to take pride in their being women…we need to have a dialogue on how to deal with this issue….”

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