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By Solomon Muleyi

They say you can be anything you want to be. That ask and ye shall receive. That point at and you will get. That the sky is the limit. That you can be a star, if you will it. Well, all that brouhaha that motivational speakers feed you is true. Yes. True. To a very large extent. But it doesn’t apply to everyone. Not all of you.

Our musical artistes and celebrities especially, for some reason, feel like they should be referred to as kings, like Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi, whose 28th coronation anniversary took place on Saturday. That they should be worshipped by their legions of fans. They’re so desperate for disciples, that they end up looking like clowns. We love them. But the clowns some of them become when they wear crowns at their concerts are what we detest. Mbu king? Mbu empress! Mbu queens. In crowns? More like clowns!

Bizzu and her most prized possession
Bobi Wine and crown ina di dance
Eddy Kenzo thought he had a crown until Sebunya showed up and he became a clown
See the things King Michael spent his rent money on, now he is a king without a palace
‘Princess’ Ykee Benda in a tiara
Explaining to journalists that if a man won’t give you a wedding tiara, you buy it and wear it
Rosebuds sprouting out of Nina Roz’s head
Jeff Kiwa, come and see what you are missing
When the crown weighs more than the wearer
Let’s just say, not all of us look good in crowns
Swimmingi puulu king Abdu Mulaasi
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