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By Ranell Dickson Nsereko

BossKhan Bills, real name Peter Sylvester Carlos was born in Tanzania but acquired his education in Uganda where he attended Nkumba University.

He later left for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) where has established a chain of businesses. A true globe trotter, BossKhan Bills now resides in the UK.  What makes him stand out is that he has dedicated his life and works to aiding the vulnerable back home and throughout East Africa.

The young entrepreneur has been applauded and recognized for his hard work at his company “Golden Company” that buys and sells precious minerals like Gold and Silver and others. He deals in Telecoms and is also a fashion designer. He is the proprietor Mitindo shop in Tanzania and whole sale dealers in Phones.

While he reaps big from his businesses, he has also dedicated a chunk of his reap to charitable acts in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, South Sudan and the entire East Africa.

Peter Sylvester Carlos presently lives in the UK. He has been recognized for his charitable works (Photo: courtesy)

.BossKhan Bills has his organisation, Boss Khan Foundation through which all charitable acts are done. Boss Khan Foundation is aimed at improving education and health.

What is Boss Khan Foundation?

Boss Khan Foundation is a charity based organization that aims at helping people that are in need especially orphans, widows and street children. They have existed for 4years and now reach out to those that have specific needs in and around East Africa not to mention but a few Kenya Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania and Uganda.

They aim at connecting and interact with the society, engage with them so that the community feels we are here to help those that are in need. Those that are widowed, children that lost parents and also street children


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