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Promoters in Western Uganda protest against the distribution criteria of the promoters stimulus fund

by Editorial Team
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By Hussein Kiganda

The fight for the “ka money” from government to the events promoters and organisers in Uganda is far from over. While those in Kampala throw fists of insults to one another, those in Western Uganda have protested against the decision by government to give only those in Kampala.

A few days ago, a group of promoters from Western region held a press conference and later protested in the presence of the media, suggesting that if those in Kampala were given money, then those in other regions be given too. 
In an interview with The Kampala Sun, Patrick Ntare also known as Patrick Omulwadde, the president of Great Western Promoters Link Ltd (GWPL), an umbrella group that brings together all promoters in the region explained, saying that most of them had registered to get the relief package with those in Kampala, but all their names were not considered.

“It is not fair to think that promoters are only in Kampala. Even other regions have promoters who had organised events and they also lost money. Why does government think about only those in Kampala? Imagine, we registered our names and forwarded them to those in Kampala and unfortunately, they did not consider us when the money was sent…,” he said.

The promoter suggested that government should always think for the country as a whole instead of thinking about only one place. He called upon government to send credible people to different regions in order to find out if the promoters got this money. 

“If they think we got a share of that money, let them go on ground with their people to find out if we got. We call upon government to consider us too because we are people too and we got losses too. Our families are starving and we have nothing to do. The Government should think about us too…,” he cried out.

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