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By Ahmad Muto

According to Lugaflow rapper GNL Zamba, Rabadaba was a rapper called Phenomena under Baboon Forest Entertainment, before he became Rabadaba. However, he noticed competition in the genre with GNL, the sensation at the time and opted out of his contract to go concentrate on building a ragga career.
One day we were cruising in a car, contract signed and everything done, he said, but G, I want to be the king of dancehall in the whole of Africa. I have seen you are already a king. It is going to be hard when we are all kings,” GNL said.
That was when the Soda rapper decided to part ways with Rabadaba stating that he had seen his vision and realised he became successful and did not at any one time clash with Peter Miles who was already established.
Rabadaba became active in the music industry in 2006, but secured his breakthrough in 2009 with the song Bwekiri. By 2010 he was on literally every stage and event poster. However, after a fight between his group and the late Thadeus of the Goodlyfe crew, he faded from the limelight and only managed to release average songs in the recent past. He got married to the late singer AK 47’s baby mama, Maggie Kiweesi this year.

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