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By Ahmad Muto

Singer Rabadaba has been branded the laziest artiste in Uganda by Black Market Records (BMR) that he signed to and left not so long ago. According to the public relations officer, Gabriel Buule, Rabadaba failed to record a single song with them, but demanded they help him make videos for his old songs which they did. 
“Rabadaba is one of the laziest artistes in this country. He did not record a single song for the time he was part of BMR. What he did was he brought his old songs asking we help him make videos as a condition to start work,” he said. 
Buule added that after they financed two of his music videos – Shoot them all and Wanchekecha he left and claimed they were low budget videos. He challenged Rabadaba to share the videos with the public and let them judge by comparing to his older videos. 
“Let him share the videos with the public and they judge if they are low budget or like any of his other videos. BMR has no problems with him, he left on his own, but should know all companies run on budgets,”
In May this year, Rabadaba accused BMR of stalling his music career, the reason he fell off the music radar. He particularly said they made for him cheap videos that failed to sell outside Uganda yet that was his target. He also made it a point to tell young artistes planning on joining the label to drop the idea because they will not be promoted properly. 
Black Market Records became the subject of controversy last month after Bruno K accused the management of having his music video, Nipe Love taken off his YouTube channel. Nina Roz accused them of taking over her YouTube channel. Singer Ava Peace who was also signed to them for a short while claimed they took over her channel. 

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