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RDC aborts district function over youth leaders’ misconduct

by Editorial Team
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By Henry Nsubuga
The Mukono Resident District Commissioner, (RDC) Fatuma Ndisaba Nabitaka was on Friday forced to abort the Mukono district berated international youth day celebrations over misconduct by the youth leaders.
Ndisaba cut short the function after the youth repeatedly provoked her with chorus words as she was addressing them.
“I am a teacher, I cannot tolerate such indiscipline. Did you invite us to be embraced, no way,” Ndisaba said as she rapped the leaders.  
The international youth day is celebrated on August 12, the national celebrations were held at Kololo Airstrip and attended by a few youth leaders with intentions of following the COVID 19 guidelines of not converging big crowds of people.
For that effect, Mukono district youth leaders said they decided to hold their occasion at a later date after the partial lifting of the COVID 19 lockdown. The function was held at Ntaawo Youth Skills Development Centre in Mukono Central Division, Mukono Municipality.
Florence Birungi, the Mukono district youth female youth councilor started her remarks at a lower knot as she complained saying the district allocated the youth only four million shilling for the youth activities in the whole financial year.
Birungi said that though that meager allocation of funds had already affected us because it can’t even be enough for the sub-county, we had given up considering the fact that it was a budget for the last council that we were implementing.
 “But, I am dismayed to note that the district had no money and instead reduced our vote to a tune of only two million shillings which was channeled through the district executive committee. Unfortunately, they also failed to deliver the two million shillings,” she said.
To make matters worse, Birungi adds that the district directed them to hold three functions, one in Nakifuma, another one in Mukono south constituency and the last one for the whole district.
“I am also disappointed that the youths, instead of celebrating, have spent the day quarreling. How can you make the youth gather for the whole day and fail to serve them with something to eat and at least a drink!” she noted.
The district chairman, Rev. Dr. Peter Bakaluba Mukasa however distanced himself from the blame as the head of the district executive committee saying that he did not know about the planning of the function.
 “I have also been shocked turning up this morning and told that the district had not made any contribution. Therefore there is no food and refreshments. It is a very big disappointment, I almost thought of shunning the function thinking it would save me from embarrassment,” said Bakaluba.
He added: “Then who is behind this kind of mess and disappointment to us, the civil servants or some of our leaders?.”
The Central Region Youth Member of Parliament, Agnes Kirabo said though all the youths in different districts in the region where she has been are having the same problems of underfunding, but for Mukono district it is worse given the fact that even the little money that had been allocated had not been released.
Kirabo asked the youth leaders to get in touch with the district executive and the civil servants and see how the challenges can be ironed out internally.
“Failure to have this sorted, I will be raising this matter on the floor of parliament for the attention of the relevant ministries,” Kirabo warned.   
When the RDC who was the guest of honor stood up to make her address, she started with blaming the youth leaders for turning a day of celebrations into a platform for complaints and quarreling.
“Those challenges however pertinent they are, you would have contacted us in our offices yesterday and we have them sorted so that we have a day full of joy. We are always in offices to respond to concerns like these ones, why didn’t you utilize us at the right time?” Ndisaba asked.
Her remarks however did not receive a warm reception in the ears of the youth leaders whom she regarded as indiscipline because they kept on uttering chorus words as she continued with her speech.
 “Stop undermining us even though we are originating from this same district. We know you and you know us but you must respect us because we are of relatively a high profile compared to you. Yes we contested on different posts but we are now holding different offices” she said.
The RDC therefore decided to cut the function short as she declared it closed without considering the rest of the programs on the day’s agenda.
 “You may invite us next time and when we don’t turn up, please you should not complain that we shun your functions. If you are to behave in this same manner, don’t invite me next time,” she stressed.
Ndisaba who was once the Goma sub-county chairperson, in 2016 contested for Mukono Municipality Member of Parliament and lost to then, Democratic Party’s Betty Nambooze Bakireke. For that note, she was appointed as the RDC for Butebo district and later transferred to Mukono, her mother district.

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