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By Hussein Kiganda

Faded singer Ashraf Makumbi also known as Record Era is struggling to have the same attention he got when he released his hit song Baka basajja banyuma.

The singer sends several messages to journalists showing them his recently released work, but most of these have failed to give him the attention they gave him a few months back.

One of Vision Group’s journalist who refused to reply to his messages was asked by the artist why he pretends to be busy instead of replying to his message.

“…hello! Busy about what bro?!” he wrote.

Since the artist joined Sipapa Entertainment, he has been busy slaying with city socialite Sipapa and posting around the socialite’s luxurious cars.
Some of his naysayers have branded him a failure in music following his music silence.

“We need music not pictures with people’s cars bro, u losing direction,” one commented on one of his posts.

“… you had a brilliant future ahead not until you joined a failed promotion musically. Kati wasigaza posing and taking pictures in cars he is selling…,” Kal Best Patrick replied to one of Record’s posts.

All these did not go well with him, he barked back at them with a post, “I have not failed; I have just found 10,000 ways that did not work.”
Months back, two of Vision Group’s journalists scheduled interviews with him, but he did not turn up. He kept on giving excuses until they gave up. One of the journalists told The Kampala Sun that the artist called her a few days ago and asked her to come and interview him, but she was busy. This justifies Justin Timberlake’s song, What Goes Around Comes Around.

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