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By Alex Balimwikungu

Comedian Patrick Salvador Idringi has certainly made a name for himself over the years.

 Arguably Uganda’s funniest man, the award winning comedian, known for his blunt, natural and hilarious humour has grown to cultic status.  Such a status carries with it a lot of weight and certainly a lot of devoted fans.

Following Salvador’s spat with socialite Shanita Namuyimbwa (Bad Black), which has raged on over the past few days, some close friends have come up and weighed in on the debate.

One such friend, Vince Musisi, an ever present member in Salvador’s ‘Expendables’ group says the comedian is paying the price for his love to be worshiped.  

 He says that Idringi has since become a ‘god’ and wants friends to bow for him like star struck fans.  Below is his letter to Salvador

I’ve been a brother to you and supported you until fame got to you and you started treating me and some members in our group as fans ..not friends. Wangobesa neku Yaya because you didn’t want to co-exist with me at a place I called home  kubanga nagaana obusente bwa NRM nonnangira nti njakufa obwaavu lwa Kwaagala Bobi Kyagulanyi  . .and other things. Nasirika mubintu bingi because mukyalawo mwana wa mutima mulungi era nenkussaamu ekitiibwa yadde gwe neba chali bo branded me mentally ill, obufumbo bwannema lwa bwaavu, abanyarwanda benzi, nebirala byewanyumyanga ku Yaya. Even when I apologised,  you still went on 88.2 Sanyu FM   and SPARK TV   nonjogerako because you knew nti omuntu wawansi  nganze sirina platforms to respond to you. I forgave you and I would still pay to watch you perform kubanga to me oli Talented papa. I love Talent and my country as Omulambuzi of Tulambule Uganda .

Vince Musisi (l), Salvador Idringi (center) and Tonny Mutengu (right) of the Expendables group at a function (Photo: file)

A letter to our Facebook friends.

We all make mistakes , some of you are lucky it’s not in the limelight . I have made so many myself.

We are crucifying the man as if he killed a person banange, if you’ve met the guy, he is not actually a very bad person like the comments I’ve seen on Bad Black’s posts. No one is perfect and I appeal to y’all  who subscribe to a relationship with God, to exercise support and forgiveness . He is our Ugandan brother.

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