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By Kampala Sun Writer

Entebbe International Airport is a melting pot of emotions. Whether it is happiness or sorrow, the airport walls have seen it all. The only international airport in the country is also a touchy issue. Recent rumours of it being seized didn’t help matters. Thankfully, the Civil Aviation Authority came out to assure Ugandans that the airport was in safe hands.

On International Civil Aviation Day today, we bring you some of the emotions people have experienced at the airport. It could be events organisers outmuscling each other to take a picture next to that international star. It could be that Ugandan who has flown the country’s flag. Uganda’s 2003 Big Brother Africa representative Gaetano Kagwa comes to mind. His arrival sparked a wave of euphoria.  Although having sex on live TV may not be classified as something a country should be proud of, Gaetano stopped traffic at Entebbe International Airport, through Entebbe to Kampala.

The emotions could also come about because it was one’s first time on a plane. It could be that couple that met online and was meeting for the first time at the airport. It could be family or friends that haven’t seen each other in ages. It could be relatives and friends who have gathered to receive the remains of their loved ones, who left the country alive, only to return in a casket. The absurdity of life!

English raggae band UB40 members arrive entering Uganda on February 21, 2008


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