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By Ahmad Muto
Media personality Michael Owor, popularly known as DJ Bushbaby said he is proud he engineered a local entertainment show concept in Scoop on Scoop that has become the model for all local television stations. However, he does not rate them, arguing that they reek of lazy journalism because it is a work of copy and paste across the board. 
“Scoop on Scoop I championed with Mary Luswata has become the template for entertainment shows around town, which is lazy journalism. We need to push boundaries like the Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Richard Branson that are now into space tourism. It is not bad to copy as long as you give it new direction. It gives me profound joy to know I started something and it was embraced. And it has kept the industry alive,” he explained. 
He noted that his position of pride comes against the backdrop of an industry laden with criticism and backstabbing as opposed to celebrating and clapping for others. 
“Seeing people copy my innovations and some I shared knowledge with duplicating them in their own character and texture gives profound joy. We are in the habit of pulling people down, criticising, talking ill and not clapping for others,” added. 
Scoop On Scoop formerly aired on Urban Television, first hosted by Mary Luswata, then Christine Kirungi a.k.a Tinafierce. It became a hit celebrity news/gossip show because of its no-holds-barred approach. The show made a number of entertainers uncomfortable, especially artistes to the point of issuing threats and others like Gravity Omutujju recording songs dissing Luswata.

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