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By Ahmad Muto

Singer Sheebah Karungi’s song ‘Nkutuse’ that she gave up on after a long campaign dubbed ‘#1millioncampaign’ failed to see the video clock 1 million views on YouTube has finally surpassed it.

Released in February, with DJ Slickstuart as her love interest, it generated a lot of buzz on social media from the video concept that critics rated below par to her gyrating on Slickstuart in a banana plantation.

She dumped the challenge after stalling at 500K + views, released ‘Boy fire’ and moved on to work with Chance Nalubega on a song titled ‘Kale mama.’

As you read this, it has notched 1.1 million views. Meanwhile, ‘Boyfire’ released just two months ago has already surpassed the one million mark.

‘Nkutuse’ now joins her other songs, ‘Ninda’ and ‘Empeta’ released less than a year ago made it past the one million mark without hassle. 

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