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Silver Kyagulanyi bounces back to secular music

by Editorial Team
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By Hussein Kiganda
Singer Silver Kyagulanyi outed another secular song at the end of February 2022 after a long spell in gospel music.
In the song dubbed “Nalulungi”, he uses mature romantic lyrics in a laid back slow tone and soft  voice.
In the song’s first verse, he sings, “…Nalulungi bulyomu akwegomba amaaso…,” and adds “simanyi lwaki onjagadde nyo bwoti, …lwaki onewadde, ….okunjagala oninyisiza eddala…,”
The song has since left his fans, most of whom are females, in surprise. They said they had waited for such romantic pieces from him but all in vain
“Woooh, glad you’ve quenched our thirst after a long spell without these love melodies. Worthy the wait…,” Bintu Benjamin wrote.
“Wooow! Thanks Silver for quenching my thirst. It’s been a while,” Makula Josephine said.
” Oh my God, am so grateful to hear your song again. It was so long…,”Hellen Akankunda commented on his YouTube channel.
“The way he has hidden his face until the ending part is so amazing. I was waiting to see him.” Nantale Josephine wrote.
The songwriter and producer is known for songs like; olunaku luno, tonefulira, tebalemwa Maka, omuzadde, Guma, nkuzudde and many more.
He had taken the gospel journey with songs like tongoba, onzijukiranga, kankusinze, ekisa ekinondoola and many more.

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