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By Paul Waiswa

For several months, singer Brian Weiyz, (Brian Kagenda) has grumbled about his working relationship with Andrew Mugerwa of the Andy Events music label.

Now, he has officially parted ways with Andy, who rose to fame as the former manager of the B2C soldiers.

This is after the, ” Ayagala” singer went on air and disclosed to the public and his fans that he had turned into a solo artist.

He reasoned that he decided to go solo because his former manager became a very busy man.

Brian Weiyz, who is bitter he was abandoned at a time he needed his manager most, considering the hard Covid times, details how he is going to self-promote and invest in personal businesses that can help him eke out a living.

” Just to let you know, I official quit Andy Events Music label. I am now a solo artist who does my own businesses and I also push my music on my own,” he said.

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