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Singer Margla welcomes baby girl

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By Hussein Kiganda

For all those that go to Europe for asylum, giving birth to a mzungu child will buy you a free stay in any country and a waiver of taxes. You also qualify for citizenship. This could have been on the drawing board of faded singer Margla Da Ragamuffin

Well, born Maria Gladys Namuleme, the Onkyusa singer gave birth to a baby girl a day ago with her German husband Eder.

The singer  revealed on her social media handles that the new baby had been named Elaine Ines Eder Monika.

“Let’s all welcome baby Elaine(Meaning Bright Shining Light)…, So I am officially a mother of two beautiful girls-Elsie and Elaine; Okey plus my stepson Nicolas…,” she posted and attached the photos of the baby.

A few days ago, Eder and Margla celebrated four years of love. The “bantinkude” singer thanked the German for having saved her from the suffering she faced in Uganda and promised to always love him.

Now that she has got a “Marriage Title” in Elaine, she is sure of her future in Germany.

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