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By Hussein Kiganda

Songwriter Yesse Oman Rafiki has opened up on why he has decided to record songs, instead of concentrating on writing for singers like he used to do. He revealed that writing music is no longer as beneficial as it was since the pandemic set in.

“Musicians are no longer buying songs and this pandemic has taught me a lesson. I was forced to ask myself what would happen if singers stop buying the our songs. What would I do? I therefore came to a conclusion that I should also release my own songs to have a backup and to challenge myself as a man, to a new task…,” he said.
He is however struggling to make the public know his face despite the being popular by name. He told The Kampala Sun that he is aiming at releasing more songs to elevate himself as a singer.
“Thanks be to God that I have managed to create

a name in the industry as a writer. I have written a good number of hits. However, now I am looking forward to creating a strong foundation as a singer. People know my name, but not my face…,” he said.
The singer is currently the boss at Route Entertainment under which singer Vivian Tendo is signed. He has released a number of songs including Ssekibogo, Mirembe with Jose Chameleon and his latest release is Wampita.
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