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By Ahmad Muto
Singer Solome Basuuta has revealed that the one musician she would consider dating is Kenneth Mugabi. She made the revelation while on Calvin the Entertainers show, on UBC TV on Saturday, August 7, 2021. 
“I think I would date Kenneth Mugabi. In fact, I have shot my shot,” she said. 
According to Basuuta who added that she is single, men have been asking her out, but she is yet to make the big decision. She claimed that all women base their decision on security and everything else is secondary. 
“Men are shooting their shots, but I am not seeing any. It is not yet time I guess, but they are pursuing me and I am still looking around. I think for me and every other woman its security we are looking for. We like to feel like we are safe with you. It has nothing to do with muscles. Can you support a family? you may not have the money but have plans and potential,” she explained. 
That said though, she noted that she has been enjoying dates with men: “I actually go out on coffee with guys, that is when you find out if you are compatible. I am not rushing things. You get a man, they ask for a baby. You get one, they ask for another. Then a house and it goes on.” 
Solome Basuuta is a Ugandan singer who is largely identified as a gospel singer but argues that she is just a singer. While Kenneth Mugabi is an afro-soul guitarist and singer.

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