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Song Review: Loco – Rema Namakula, Chike & DJ Harold

By Dennis Asiimwe

It’s been a while since we have had a chance to rave about her technical ability as a singer. Most of the time we got lost in the melodrama that was her split from Eddy Kenzo (and the music she released before that happened, including the single Sili Muyembe) along with the extravagant ceremony that followed her nuptials with Hamza.

Oh, and let’s not forget the photoshoots that are determined to show that she lives the life she always dreamt about. But before this melodrama even got any chance to develop, Rema had already captured the hearts of Ugandans because of her purity of voice. She might have rediscovered this powerful ability with her latest single, Loco, on which she simply sounds heavenly.

It’s a simple song, a lot less dramatic than her usual fare, but it’s got a nice R & B urban groove to it that gives her the chance to flow easily with the song and soar with that powerful voice she has. And soar she does.

The song is a collaboration, some chap called Chike whom I have never heard about (probably my fault) and DJ Harold, whom I also haven’t heard about (probably NOT my fault), but she brushes them aside, taking centre stage.

If I were to make an educated guess, I would imagine DJ Harold is part of the production process and Chike is the one doing the vocal collaboration on Loco. Doesn’t matter, because she owns it when she sings like this – it is also proof that she has a versatility about her.

Before I heard Loco, I might have imagined that Rema couldn’t handle a song like this, a song that requires a bit of subtlety. But she bends the tune to her will, so that even when she sings with power, there is just enough subtlety to her delivery for it to work.

Loco is the song we have been waiting for, for a while from Rema – now maybe she can go back to being Uganda’s sweetheart. After all, she won our hearts by singing in the first place and Loco is proof that she still has what it takes.

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