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By Alex Balimwikungu

For Winnie Amoo Allison, the reward for finding your ‘forever love’ is worth the risk.   Five years after her divorce with Speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanyah, she walked down the aisle with a new man.

Winnie, in her 40’s walked down the aisle with an American man, Derek Allison, 39 three weeks ago on (June 12, 2021).         

 Derek hails from Tuscon Arizona and Winnie Amoo, popularly known as Lady Winnie has been living in San Diego, California USA Their union, held in Washington DC was witnessed by the groom’s parents and a select group of Ugandans living in the USA.

An attendee tells The Kampala Sun that Winnie dressed in an elegant embroidered designer gown was a picture of bliss; during the entire function she often leant and kissed the mustachioed groom.  She definitely has a thing for men with moustaches.

Perhaps in a subtle dig at her ex-husband, Oulanyah, Lady Winnie as she was formerly addressed, extolled her new man’s virtues saying, every woman deserves a man who takes her breath away and not her life away. 

 Jacob Oulanyah’s two daughters with Winnie, who were once subject of a protracted child support battle, were part of the entourage as flower girls.

At the height of their marital woes, Winnie Amoo revealed that she was naïve in marrying Oulanyah and never knew what she was getting into. 

She accused him of cruelty and emotional distress and filed for divorce.  She also accused him of failure to pay child support and forcing her to wear his deceased wife’s clothes to public functions.

Winnie and Oulanyah tied the knot in 2013 at All saints Cathedral; Nakasero after the latter had lost his first wife, Dorothy Nangwale Oulanyah. 

In pictures seen by The Kampala Sun, the Allisons are one picture perfect family.  Derek who dresses in matching colours with Winnie is seen acting the perfect dad and husband doting on them. 

 The source tells us that he is a Born-again Christian and the two met at Church.  The source, a friend to the bride says Lady Winnie Amoo is glowing these days; her ex-husband must be swimming in a sea of regrets.  “Winnie has no regrets.  She is confident, financially stable and her life is so much better now since the divorce. She is a strong Christian and God is working miracles in her life,” a close friend said.

          Oulanyah’s marriage from hell.

In October 2016, the High Court Family Division dissolved the marriage of the then Deputy Speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanyah and his estranged wife Winnie Amoo Oulanyah.

This was after both Oulanya and Amoo agreed before Justice Alexandria Rugadya Nkonge that their three-year-old marriage was irredeemable.

Justice Nkonge declared that the couple’s marriage was over and both parties should take separate ways but the custody of their two children was placed under the mother.    Oulanyah was supposed to have access to the children upon a prior notice to visit them.

Oulanyah was asked to pay a monthly maintenance fee of $690 (sh2.4m) for the children who then lived with their mother in San Diego, California in USA.

Winnie and Derek Allison said their vows on June 12 in USA (Photo: courtesy)

Interestingly, it is Oulanyah who petitioned court  in 2015 seeking divorce with Amoo, accusing her of abandoning their Ugandan marital home for USA and denying him his conjugal rights, a move that he said has made him spend huge sums of money running two homes.

Oulanyah had also accused his ex-wife of cruelty and causing him emotional distress. He told court that because of the circumstances surrounding his marriage, there have been no conjugal rights between them concluding that: “I verily believe that my marriage has irretrievably broken down.”

However, in her defence Lady Winnie Amoo, denied subjecting her husband to severe cruelty but instead accused Oulanyah of mistreating her, saying at one time, Oulanyah forced her to wear a black Indian cloth that belonged to his late wife.

She also accused her husband of living an adulterous lifestyle.   She also accused him of refusing to support the two children they share.

Despite the court ruling, Oulanyah was offering  only $300 (slightly more than sh1m) per month, which Winnie Amoo argued wasn’t   enough to meet the children’s basic needs.  

 “Oulanyah has refused to support his two daughters court granted me custody. He is only offering $300 which is also not forthcoming. And to him, this should cover rent, clothing, food, medical care, and child care, among other things,” she wrote once on her timeline.

Winnie Amoo and Oulanyah had a wedding in 2015. They were later granted divorce citing irreconcilable differences (photo: file)

She said she exhausted all channels (From State House to Personal Friends) to try to get him to pay support but to no avail. 

“I ask myself everyday how a man of his caliber, authority and education decides that the best decision is to act as if my children do not exist. He wants to offer only $300 for my kids, yet he pays S16, 000 (sh53m) every year to support his three kids from a previous marriage,” she then lamented. 

 Efforts to get Oulanyah to comment on the wife’s new marriage were futile.

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