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Ssebulime should apologise to my daughter – Judith Babirye’s father

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By Kampala Sun Writer

The father of gospel singer Judith Babirye has expressed disappointment with his daughter’s former husband, Paul Musoke Ssebulime.

Henry Mukoza Lugona said although he was happy Babirye had apologised, the rightful person who should have done so should have been Ssebulime, the former Buikwe North MP.

Last weekend, Babirye, in a video that has since gone viral, publicly regretted her second marriage in 2018. She was previously married to Samuel Niiwo.

The former Buikwe Woman MP apologised to Uganda, Christians, to the youth who consider her a role model, and to Rukia Ntale, the woman whose ‘marriage’ she disrupted.

When her marriage to Ssebulime fell apart, Babirye first fled to America, before relocating to Canada, where she is currently based.

Ssebulime filed for divorce less than a year into the marriage on May 7, 2019. The divorce was granted by Justice Olive Kazaarwe Mukwaya in 2020 in Babirye’s absence as she did not heed to court summons.

Information later came in that Ssebulime had secretly been introduced to Rukia’s parents.

Rukia had been with Ssebulime for almost 10 years before Babirye came into the picture. It is said that the two have three children, including a set of twins Kato and Babirye Musoke and the first-born, a boy.

In an interview with Bukedde at his home in Kabale, Nyenga in Buikwe district, Mukoza, 77, said Ssebulime should apologise for causing the problems between his daughter and Rukia.

“My child has suffered so much that she was forced to apologise in order to get some peace,” he noted, saying Babirye one time fell sick to the point of death.

Judith Babirye and Paul Musoke Ssebulime at their wedding in Bunga in 2018

Mukoza refused to divulge more information about the allegations that Babirye had been poisoned.

He noted that when Ssebulime was pursuing Babirye, he assured her that he was single.

“They took time to date, during which time Rukia didn’t say anything. Babirye and Ssebulime thus went ahead to get married. It’s only after the marriage had been conducted that Rukia appeared, saying she was Ssebulime’s partner,” he said.

Mukoza said the residents of Buikwe can attest to his revelation.

“When Ssebulime was canvassing for votes for Buikwe North MP in 2016, he told the residents that he was single.”

Mukoza revealed that whenever the voters demanded to know Ssebulime’s home, he would say: “Sirina mukazi. Amaka gange mpita nago (literally meaning I have no wife. I move with my home).”

He said it is this public announcement of his single marital status that further drove Babirye to consider marrying Ssebulime.

“Ssebulime lied to Babirye. He should apologise to Rukia and to Babirye for ‘playing’ them and making my daughter sin,” Mukoza said.

He reminisced about the kwanjula, saying Ssebulime seemed to be shady then.

“Ssebulime visited us in Nyenga just before the kwanjula. It was not long before the kwanjula was held in a hotel. Who has ever heard of a kwanjula being held in hotel or a bar? I have never seen it in the 77 years I have lived.”

Mukoza said all these were signs that Babirye was headed for trouble with Ssebulime.

On Babirye’s son

In November 2019, Babirye gave birth to a baby boy in Boston, Massachusetts.

In his divorce petition, Ssebulime contended that Babirye had denied him his conjugal rights. He revealed that he had not been intimate with his wife since August 2018 and last heard from her in December of that year. He further stated that Babirye had refused to live with him or prepare him meals.

However, Mukoza believes the boy is Ssebulime’s, saying Babirye is not ‘loose’.

“Ssebulime did not offer any support when she was having the child. Living abroad is not easy either. Babirye needed to apologise so that she can start a new life.”




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