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By Ahmad Muto

Singer Sheebah Karungi has spent a huge fraction of this year trolling the institution of marriage, as if to justify why she is not. At her 31st birthday in November last year, reporters confronted her with the question about marriage and she told them it is her career first, her businesses next then perhaps a man. But from that time, she has stopped at nothing to let the world know she is not married and happy.
Recently, she took to her Facebook page with a photo standing in front of her Munyonyo house. She captioned: “Coolest Nakyeyombekedde EVER.”
But social media came to question her motive, some accusing her of being depressed by the status she claims she is so much enjoying.
Kinte Kunta: “Do not prove a point otherwise you come out as depressed. If your validation as nakyeyombekedde is positive, tokilalaasa. Those women are usually Alphas.”
Fred M Luwaga: “No offense but I have followed some of your posts about your single life. Psychologically, it seems you are not enjoying it as much as you pose in public. You’re missing something and you try so much to cover it. Kakuberemu queen.”
Beyond her Manager Jeff Kiwa, Sheebah’s love life has remained a mystery. …

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