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Stop expecting “Kameeza” money, minister advises wives

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By Juliet Kasirye

“Don’t get married to depend on your man. Do you know actually men fear very poor women? It is a problem,” said local government minister Raphael Magyezi.

That statement caused both excitement and ire amongst the people he was addressing that included farm managers, women and youth.

Fearing that he could have been misunderstood, Magyenzi advised women to work hard and desist from getting married to men to solve their problems.

He said women should not expect their husbands to leave kameeza money (home upkeep), pay for their salon or look after their (wives) parents.

Magyezi insisted that a married man is not a provider, but a lover.

“Even if you are beautiful, if you ask for such things, you can get wrinkles because your face will remain annoyed for 10 hours of the day,” he added.

Magyezi also blamed gender-based violence on women who are dependent on their spouses.

According to him, the cause of violence and quarrels in families is over-dependence.

Magyezi made the remarks during the closing ceremony of a two-week training of farm managers, women, and youth entrepreneurs at Orchids Farmhouse in Nakasongola district last week.

“Apologies to the women, but that is the truth. I leave you on a farm like Orchids, ranging between 20-30 acres. I go to work in an office, then come home and you want me to pay you for your hair salon. You are telling me how your father in the village is badly off, but you have a farm of 30 animals. Ugandans, are we serious?” he wondered.

To note, Magyezi is married.


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