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By Alex Balimwikungu

Barring any hiccups, the year 2022 will go down in history as the “comeback” year!  For the past two years, live music and performances has been halted due to the global health crisis.  Regardless, people in the arts have strove on with music and films that have kept us going.

In 2022, the anticipation is that the world will give the arts a green light to come alive again.  There is a cast of artistes who are poised to make a breakthrough in 2022 and the sky is the limit.


Where have you seen her:  In 2020 she sang that it was her year. Then Covid happened.  She became a subject of ridicule on social media but it never deterred her.  She was catapulted to fame with the song “Quinamino” and she has never looked back.  The 26 year old has become very popular barely two years since she came on the scene.

Where you see her next:  For starters, Azawi is already on the billboards in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and London. The billboards are intended to create awareness for YouTube’s Black Voice Music Class of 2022, in which Azawi is among four African artistes representing the continent on the programme.  The ‘slow dancing’ singer, who refuses to be boxed in a particular music genre, is literary taking “African Music” to the world.  2022 is her year!

Loukman Ali

Where have you seen him?

Loukman Ali is a Ugandan cinematographer, screenwriter, film director, producer and Graphic Designer.  The 31-year old’s name may not be as popular as his works, but there is no question that Loukman Ali has a midas touch.  He was thrust into the limelight after his film, the Girl in a yellow Jumper.  The Girl in the Yellow Jumper stars Michael Wawuyo, Michael Wawuyo Jr, Rehema Nanfuka, Maurice Kirya, Gladys Oyenbot, Phillip Luswata and an appearance from American actor from TV show Empire, Morocco Omari.

Loukman Ali

Where you see him next: Loukman says that he decided to invest a lot in his movies. “I make movies and ensure that the quality is good. If Ugandans see this, then they will start buying our movies thus more money. I’m guessing in five years the new kids in the industry will be earning from it.  He will only rest when he scales the heights of Steven Spielberg or Quentin Tarrantino.

DJ Andy Skillz

Where have you seen him?

DJ Andy Skillz (Andrew Mumanya) is more astute than advertised.  For all his talent, he has a laid back demeanor. For someone who over the years was Sudhir Ruparelia’s official DJ, someone who once received a sh10m token from Bad Black for his wizardry on the decks, he is slowly crawling out of his quiet shell.  He has a special niche.  If you have been to Speke Hotel, Big Mikes or Racers in Bukoto, you have danced to his cocktail of Salsa, Latino, Tango and House Music.  He has since moved to Latitude 0, which teems with expatriates. For the record, he doesn’t play kidandali

DJ Andy Skillz has used the lockdown to upgrade his craft (Photos: file)

Where will you see him next?

While other DJs were busy in Gulu asking for handouts, he took on a journey to improve his craft and become Uganda’s number one international DJ.  He has the expatriate community on a leash.  Even when the entertainment scene is closed, he has since bagged gigs, playing music at different embassies and expatriate parties.  He dreams of playing music in different cities abroad. Shanghai, Tokyo, Osaka London, name it.  The mark of an international DJ.

Samah Sojah.

Sama Sojah is a reggae dance-hall artist who has enjoyed a meteoric rise.  He already has collaborations with established singers like Iryn Namubiru (Kikondoolo) and Sheebah (Njiira Love)  For someone who is a near finished article,  his joining Team No Sleep under Jeff Kiwa is just what he needed to thrust him to the top.  He is one to watch out for in 2022.

Liam Voice:

A wave of upcoming artists has hit the Ugandan music industry. Numerous young artists have been successful but one notable none is Liam Voice.  The 23 year old  signed under Cloud Africa is bringing the soul back to music. Liam voice also known as voice boy has successful songs like Love Olinonya, Bus , Guma and his latest Omwoyo that has won hearts of many.  He is one to watch in 2022.


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