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By Ahmad Muto
Media personality Christine Kirungi, alias Tina Fierce, has pinned the media personalities currently in Kitalya prison for contributing to a campaign mounted against her last year and later marked with a celebration when her show got suspended.
According to her, when the Stop social media bullying campaign was mounted last year, Isaac Kayz Kawalya and his colleagues were used by the architects of the crusade, Sheilah Gashumba and ex-boyfriend, God’s Plan that made it an issue about her and the television show she was hosting at the time on Urban Television called Scoop on Scoop.
She tweeted: “So UNCUT and UNAPOLOGETIC is going to get CUT and APOLOGETIC I love to see this! Nga they hyped Sheila kumbe they did not know it would be a ripple effect on the industry.”
Well, her followers were of the same opinion;
@Socialoutcast49 tweeted: “NBS spearheaded the “End Social Media bullying” campaign until Tina was fired, but now that Kayz has been arrested for the same thing the best Douglas has to say is “Mistakes are human” and I quote Karma is like 69 you get what you give.”
@Kall-essy: “During the Stop cyber bullying against Tina Fierce, facts Kayz was gifted an iPhone to push the gig, right now he was gifted with posho and beans in Kitalya Prison. I LOVE KARMA.”
Tinafierce’s Scoop on Scoop was suspended in June of 2020 by the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) for “blatant breach of minimum standards of broadcasting and professional code of ethics.” She was required to apologise to in writing to Hon. Sam Kuteesa and Ben Kavuya the two individuals she disparaged on her show. The show was also taken off air, according to documents she shared with her curious followers on social media at the time.

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