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Traffic guidelines as Oulanyah’s body goes to Kololo

by Editorial Team
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By Eddie Ssejjoba

The directorate of traffic and road safety has issued an advisory to all people intending to attend the funeral service of the late Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Oulanyah, scheduled to take place on Wednesday, April 6.

A statement issued by Faridah Nampiima, the traffic and road safety spokesperson, indicated that Upper Kololo, Elgon Terrace, Lower Kololo and Wampewo Avenue will be cut off during the entire period the service will run.

According to the statement issued on Tuesday (April 5) night, the directorate indicated that normal flow of traffic will resume after the chief mourner and other VIPs leave the venue.

The Police advised residents within and around Kololo Independence Grounds to use alternative routes to join Jinja Road, Kira Road or Acacia Avenue.

Nampiima, however, said Acacia Avenue, also known as John Babiha Road, will remain open.

The statement indicates that VIPs will use Elgon Terrace and enter the grounds through the Eastern gate and park at the Hero’s corner.

Other mourners coming from Jinja Road, Nakawa direction have been advised to use Lugogo Bypass and join Upper Kololo or Impala Avenue and park their vehicles at City High School.

Those coming from Jinja Road, Kampala city direction have been asked to use Wampewo Avenue and park at Hotel Africana or proceed to Jinja Road Police and join Archer Road, Impala Avenue and Park at City High School.

The Police stated that heavy vehicles, which include fuel tankers and trailers, will not be allowed to access Kololo ceremonial grounds.

The Police also barred bodabodas from accessing the venue or all cut-off points in Kololo.

Nampiima said the traffic police will be in place to guide motorists.

“Please abide by what our officers tell you to avoid confrontations,” the statement reads in parts.

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