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TV star Etania gropes Chike on stage

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By Ivan Kabuye

NTV ‘Dance Party’ co-host, Etania Mutoni aka Life of the Party will not forget the Chike concert in a long time.

All indications were that Nigerian artiste Chike-Ezekpeazu Osebuka alias Chike was on her ‘To-do’ list and thankfully for her, she got half way there when she groped him on stage.

Etania got her wish when Chike accepted to dance with her for what seemed as eternity (photo by Ivan Kabuye)

Dressed in a lacy dress which left nothing of her rotund behind to the imagination, the diminutive star approached the star on stage.  Everything about her actions suggested she wanted to let off some steam.  Thankfully, she found a willing partner in Chike.

Chike looked delighted as Etania approached and continued singing along to his track while staring directly at her.  True to Oga form, he showed off some impressive gyrations she straddled him and performed a raunchy dance regimen with no inhibitions.

She later left the stage with an ear-to-ear grin reminiscent of someone who has just had a happy ending.

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