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By Ahmad Muto
Two songs off singer Ykee Benda’s latest album, Kirabo have so far hit number one on the YouTube chart, Top 100 songs Uganda. Obangaina, a re-do of Rachael Magoola’s original released in the late 1990s is the latest. It comes days after Magoola revealed she was the first to listen to the re-do and endorsed it, highlighting that Benda did it justice with the lyrics and his fluent Lusoga. The video on YouTube uploaded a week ago has slightly more than 150k views. 
However, some critics argued otherwise, saying he was not the right person for the song while some simply said he needed to give it more time. 
The other song that made it to number one on the YouTube Global Music Chart for Uganda was his collaboration with singer Lydia Jazmine titled Banange released one month ago that has over half a million views on YouTube. It rose to the peak of the YouTube chart just days after its release. 
The other milestone was, after releasing the album on Friday, August 6, 2021 going at a price of sh35,000 a copy, he claimed that he sold 500 copies the first three days that followed. It means, he made sh17.5m. 
Via his Twitter on Tuesday, 31 August 2021, he took a screengrab of the Obangaina music video off YouTube with the inscription ‘#1 on trending for music’ and captioned it, “Love y’all 2 songs so far on #KiraboAlbum have hit Number 1. Ykee Empire.”

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