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By Alex Balimwikungu

Masaka tycoon, Emmanuel Lwasa who spent the weekend behind bars is out on police bond.

Lwasa was arrested following a claim by a one Jeff who accused him of selling to him fake gold worth USD60,000.

The deal sealed in December left Jeff with a sour taste in the mouth; forcing him to hunt for Lwasa for a couple of days utill he was found.

“We did a transaction with Lwasa on the 2nd of December 2021 worth 60,000 dollars. He was supposed to deliver gold to us but instead delivered fake products. When we realized it, we contacted him and he promised to deliver the genuine product. However, since then, he has been hiding and dodging our calls.

The news of his arrest sent shockwaves to his admirers and detractors.   Upon Lwasa’s release on Monday, he scoffed at  haters who made fun of him after being arrested.

Lwasa has mocked all those that were happy at his arrest saying that some of them will die minus even seeing what fake gold is.

“Mission possible 2022. Even this year is mine?? Lwasa I have really suffered. Some of you will even die minus seeing what they call fake gold,” he said.

The tycoon on being released went for an outing with his wife Angel Kwakunda  who he seemed to have missed a lot. All the time, his wife was washing him with compliments as he sheepishly smiled back.

She even told him to dump all his friends and remain with her because this jail scandal proved that he has no genuine friends. She also said that she was with him all the time at the Police Station and never left.

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