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Tusker Premium Cider launches on Ugandan market

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By Alex Balimwikungu

Uganda Breweries Limited (UBL) has officially unveiled Tusker Cider, the latest addition to their product portfolio.

At the invite-only apple themed corporate ceremony, at Legends Rugby Grounds the anticipation and the thirst on faces was palpable.

Trust revelers (especially the social media influencers) to drink up a storm.  Many downed the cider in a manner reminiscent curfew times where you gulped as many as you can before Police pounces.   To their dismay, it was an endless supply until well past allotted time of 10:00pm.

Revellers get jiggy during the launch at Legends Rugby Grounds (Photo: Moses Nsubuga)

With an alcohol content of 4.5 the cider caused some hyperactivity. The sight of youthful guests crowding the stage and prancing as DJ Rojs and Slick Stuart performed was memorable.

According to officials, the cider, which is made from the finest quality apples, is an extremely rich and flavorful drink that is the perfect companion for consumers looking for new, easy going and exciting experiences through which to have a good time.

The launch was hosted by TV and radio host, Sheila Salta, who was also unveiled as the brand’s ambassador.

TV personality, Sheila Salta was chosen as the brand ambassador (Photo: Moses Nsubuga)

“Tusker Cider delivers a rich fruity flavour with a sharp crisp finish that is lightly carbonated, very refreshing with a subtle natural sweetness – all designed to excite your taste buds as you celebrate life every day. It is the first cider to be locally sourced and produced in East Africa, making it a unique opportunity for us to build a deeper connection with our consumers,” said Emmy Hashakimana, UBL’s Marketing and Innovation Director.

Hashakimana added that the cider, which is under UBL’s innovations line, joins the brewery’s track record of introducing never before seen innovative products that continue to challenge the adult beverages sector like Uganda Waragi Coconut and Pineapple, Bond 7 Honey, Gordons Pink and most recently, Baileys Delight.

According to UBL officials, Tusker Cider, is available multiple e-commerce platforms like Jumia, Kikuubo Online and SafeBoda; supermarkets; distributors; stockists; and different bars around the country.

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