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Ugandan man who threw girlfriend off the balcony arrested in Kenya

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By Charles Etukuri

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) in Kenya on Tuesday morning arrested a Ugandan national who is suspected to have murdered his lover by throwing her from the balcony on Monday morning.

Suleiman Mayanja, a Ugandan national who entered the country last month through the Busia border point, was arrested by detectives at Nyali Cinemax in Mombasa a day after he went into hiding.

Mayanja reportedly murdered his lover at 3:00am on Monday morning, by throwing her from the balcony of their bedroom in Nyali’s Sunny Side apartments

A statement released by DCI indicated that, “the main suspect behind yesterday morning’s macabre killing of a 25-year-old woman has finally been cornered.
The statement indicated that a guard at the apartment, was on the beat walking around his area of assignment, when he heard delirious screams of a woman from the skies, followed by a loud bang metres from where he was standing. Shocked, he cautiously approached what seemed to be an object only to discover that it was a half-dressed woman, who lay dead in a pool of blood. The guard identified as Parsaoti Ole Morinket, took flight towards the caretaker’s room, where he informed him of the incident.”

The statement noted that, “together, they visited the scene and established that the lifeless body belonged to a 25-year-old woman, who had earlier in the night been invited to room A10, by Mayanja. They immediately rushed to the room only to find its door wide open and the man missing. Detectives based at Nyali were raised and they responded immediately. They combed the entire apartment in search of the suspect, but he had already vanished.”

DCI noted that back at the scene, “vacationers who minutes earlier were asleep enjoying the ocean’s soothing breeze, stood at a safe distance conversing in low tones. Others peeped from the windows of their rooms with their mouths agape, at the horrific scene. Crime scene detectives processed the scene and gathered as much information regarding the incident, before finally transferring the body of the deceased to a morgue in the coastal city.”

DCI noted that Mayanja had sent a runner to collect his belongings from the room which he had booked on September 30, when detectives pounced on him.
“Unbeknownst to the runner who is a cab driver, undercover cops had laid an ambush in the apartment. He was immediately seized and after a few minutes of interrogation, whisked to a waiting police hatchback that sped towards the suspect’s hideout.”

DCI noted that the Nyali based detectives have established that the suspect who came into the country on September 1, and the deceased were not known to each other previously. They had met a day before at a popular joint, where they made merry and imbibed a few drinks.

“Mayanja was smitten by the woman from Western Kenya, who was described as charming and outgoing by her friends. Sunday’s meeting was their second. The deceased had joined Mayanja in the rented apartment, before she met her demise at 3:00am yesterday morning. Her half-dressed body was discovered by the apartment’s guard.”

DCI noted that the suspect is currently being grilled for more details relating to the incident, for the appropriate charges to be preferred against him before arraignment.

“Our thoughts are with the deceased, her family and friends and DCI gives you the reassurance that we will leave no stone unturned in the investigation into this serious crime.”

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